What does it mean to be a professional?

It’s a big question that seems to come up a lot in conversations with clients and others.  I’ve just read the brilliant The War of Art by Steven Pressfield – which covers this question in some depth.

Here is what it means to me:

  • To turn up every day (no matter what)
  • To do your best
  • To work at your craft
  • To hold firmly (but not too tightly)
  • To take responsibility
  • To appreciate and charge for your value
  • To know that you can handle it
  • To be on when you’re on – and off when you’re off
  • To stick at it for the long haul
  • To learn from adversity
  • To have a sense of humour about it all

Most importantly – to act with integrity in everything that you do.

What do you think makes a professional?