How we work with organisations

Strategy Session

Ideal for: Teams striving to be their best and achieve their goals. (This is a complimentary service available for ambitious teams.)

We will: Enjoy two hours exploring how you operate as a team – digging into your mission, the world you operate in, your resources, your goals and ambitions.

Results to expect: Insight into your key opportunities to grow as a team, work together more effectively and achieve the vision of your organisation (and the major challenges you face). You’ll also receive a tailored follow-up report outlining the steps you can take to maximise your opportunities and overcome your challenges.

90-day challenge

Ideal for: Teams looking to make an immediate impact to achieve their mission – to develop and work together more effectively and to hit specific goals and targets.

We will: Clearly define the biggest challenges you face to reach your stated goal. We’ll then map out and execute a 90-day strategy to enable increased team cohesion and take decisive action to move the needle on your objective.

Results to expect: Better team dynamics, increased effectiveness and more effective communication. You’ll develop a clear roadmap towards success and take specific tangible steps to move closer to achieving your team goal.

Long-term leadership

Ideal for: Teams wanting to look over the parapet and set a clear vision to deliver their mission going forward.

We will: Support each team member to explore their sense of purpose and vision for personal and organisational success, and enable the gathering of input from other key stakeholders. We’ll then work collectively to integrate these diverse perspectives into a clear and compelling vision – and develop an action plan for delivering that success.

Results to expect: A motivated team with a shared sense of mission and vision – and taking decisive and focused action to turn it into reality. An ability to communicate that vision to influence and inspire the wider world (investors, customers, potential team members).


We love to be creative and bring our perspective to new challenges. Talk to us about what your team aspires to, and we’ll map out the critical path and design the support you need to make it happen.

“Phil is incredibly approachable; you feel as if you can ask him anything. You trust him – there’s something about his demeanour that means you really open up to him.”

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Complimentary Strategy Session