How we help leaders

Strategy Session

Ideal for: Leaders who want more – for themselves and their organisation. (This is a complimentary service designed for ambitious leaders.)

We will: Enjoy two hours exploring your presence as a leader – digging into your mission, the world in which you operate, your resources, your goals and ambitions.

Results to expect: Insight into your key opportunities to grow as a leader and achieve the vision of your organisation (and the major challenges you face). You’ll also receive a tailored follow-up report outlining the steps you can take to maximise your opportunities and overcome your challenges.

90-day challenge

Ideal for: Anyone who wants to make an immediate impact to achieve their mission – by developing as a leader or achieving a specific target.

We will: Clearly define the biggest challenge you face. We’ll then map out and execute a 90-day strategy to enable internal growth and take decisive external action to move the needle on your objective. 

Results to expect: We’ll work together to generate a noticeable change in your capabilities and confidence (eg stronger communication, more confidence, leadership presence, freedom) – and clear and tangible results for the situation you’re addressing (eg increased sales, completion of a challenging project, a strategy to fund / sell the business).

Long-term leadership

Ideal for: Anyone looking to take their leadership and business to the next level.

We will: Work together in a sustained and inspiring partnership over 12 months. We’ll explore in depth what you need to do to develop as a leader. Then we’ll set clear targets for you and your business to strive for, leaving no stone unturned in taking action to make it happen.

Results to expect: To play your best game and keep growing. To become a more confident, capable and empowered leader with enhanced abilities to deliver results. And to significantly advance, achieve and surpass your goals, and do what is needed to make your vision a reality.


We love to take on fresh challenges and will happily work with you to create a bespoke package that meets your unique needs or objectives. Tell us what you want to achieve, and together we’ll map out the critical path and support you to make it happen.

“Phil is incredibly approachable; you feel as if you can ask him anything. You trust him – there’s something about his demeanour that means you really open up to him.”

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Complimentary Strategy Session