Morgan Wiley

The Client

At the time of coaching, Morgan Wiley was the General Manager of a leadership development firm that enables leaders and teams to achieve peak performance.

The Challenge

I wanted to focus more clearly on the way l lead, and how I showed up as a leader to scale the business. I also wanted to get clear on my purpose and vision.

What changed inside?

The big thing for me was finding a way to focus on aligning my vales with the work that I do, and getting clear around what in my core was serving me and what wasn’t serving me – as a leader, a human and in all facets of my life. Phil helped me to re-focus on the barriers to me truly aligning myself with those values.

I’ve had coaching before, but Phil was different. He gives you things to actually experiment with or start to work with – a toolkit to put into daily practice. Having that in the back of my head was very helpful. As things came up throughout my day I’d recall that we’d talked about it and what I could do at that moment to shift the headspace I was in.

What changed outside?

To my surprise, I quit my job! I had worked for the company I was in for eight years, and been running it for three years. And over the course of coaching it became clear to me that it was time to move on.

I was able to see what was important right now. I asked myself: “30 years from now what are the things I will regret not doing?” And I realised that prioritising work over most aspects of my life wasn’t one of those things. I don’t know yet what I will do next, but that is incredibly freeing – especially from a values perspective.

Phil also helped steward me through some of the conversations I have had to have in order to leave my job.

What does the client say?

I’m a huge fan of coaching. Being able to invest in yourself and having someone like Phil guide the process, and how that shows up in day-to-day life – for family, work and your personal life – can have a massive impact. Responsibility is a big part of who I am, and he’s helped me to shift what that means and looks like.