M. Cristina Warren

The Client

I’m the Founding Partner of venture:bright – we create innovation and high growth ventures for large corporations.

The Challenge

I have worked with Phil on various personal and business development ‘projects’ since 2013 and have always appreciated his honesty and his ability to both push and support my own personal inquiry and development.

I was first introduced to Phil through a friend who had worked with him and thought it might be a good connect for me. I was a point in my career where I was in a role that on paper was exactly what I had wanted and worked hard for: heading up a team, reporting to the CEO, dealing with big and important problems within our organisation… but somehow the job was unfulfilling.

The organisation I was with was also going through a re-organisation and I felt I had the opportunity to do something different and agreed to join two former colleagues in starting our own company. 

What changed inside?

When I first met with Phil, I was looking for both clarity on what I wanted to achieve by taking the steps to starting my own company and to make sure that I didn’t just replicate what I’d been doing that was unfulfilling in my previous role. I also wanted to ensure that I brought my authentic self into my business.

Phil’s approach is one of what I’d call guided inquiry. He uses frameworks for his questions, he gives you thinking exercises and he asks tough questions during the working sessions. That said, his approach is about enabling you to come to your own conclusions and to take responsibility for your own development path. He listens and gives you the tools to find a way through, but as with all personal development, you get out what you put in.

What changed outside?

Since then, Phil has worked with me and my partners in various formats, such as running a workshop to help us align our visions for our business, as well as directly with me to help me identify my personal goals, or in spot instances when I have needed a sounding board to deal with some of the very real challenges of running a business.

What does the client say?

Achieving real change requires you to not just wish for change, but to really work for it! Phil is wonderful guide and companion to have by your side as you undertake the journey. I’m truly grateful for all he has contributed to my personal and professional development over the years we’ve worked together.