Kalooki Pictures

The Client

Kalooki Pictures is an independent production company.

The Challenge

Kalooki Pictures is a start-up company, run by the two of us (Badannie Gee and Jane Lush). We asked Phil to help us organise ourselves more efficiently, plan our time more effectively, make the most of our combined skills and plan how to approach crucial meetings.

What changed inside?

Phil encouraged us to have a positive approach and outlook, to see ourselves in a positive way – as others might see us. To walk tall, in effect.

Because there are only two of us running the company, it’s been great to have a third perspective – someone who’s more objective, who can see our strengths and how we work together with a fresh pair of eyes. Phil sees how we are as a company and reflects that back to us to help us see it too.

It’s easy to get caught up in the detail when they are just two of you, but Phil has helped us get perspective. He also uses his own personal experience and insights, and just seems to ‘get’ it.

He’s very good at listening to a situation we’re in, then zoning in on the issue or challenge and working out the source of it. He then helps us to recognise why it’s challenging, and make it better.

All his suggestions seem very insightful and clear, and he’s been good at giving us the tools to allow us to take action.

What changed outside?

We’ve been doing things very differently since Phil started coaching us. Shortly after our first meeting we received two very good pieces of news about commissions, and he’s helped guide us through it all.

TV can be a very slow and drawn out process, with lots of hurdles along the way. Results can take a very long time to come, and Phil has been great at keeping up with the hurdles and helping us to jump over each one.

To help us prepare for important meetings, Phil has sent us resources, including TED Talks, and helped us to translate our ideas into a sales pitch with a strong USP by following a simple formula. He also reinforced the notion that we always take a prop (such as a clip or photograph) with us, which we now try and do habitually.

Phil impressed upon us that our business is about personal relationships and advised us to try to meet commissioners away from their environment and instead take them for lunch or drinks. Jane is Chair of BAFTA so we’ve started meeting people there.

What does the client say?

Phil is incredibly approachable. I’ve had executive coaching before, and found it rather intimidating. But you feel as if you can ask Phil anything. He’s very happy for us to choose what we want to focus on. You trust him. There’s something about his demeanour that means you really open up to him. You feel that he’s really working for YOU and is utterly confidential.