Hat Trick Productions

The Client

Hat Trick Productions is a company with a mission to make great TV programming for profit.

The Challenge

Hat Trick is really lovely environment to work in. It’s a nice-sized company of around 80-90 permanent staff (plus freelancers who come in to make specific programmes), and has a stable corporate structure for a TV production company.

This is positive as we retain a lot of talent, however, we recognise that it has the potential to be frustrating for ambitious employees looking to move into senior management roles – people who are already helping to transform the business by creating ideas and managing teams, but who want more.

So we wanted to look for ways we could provide career progression and growth opportunities with these people within the company.

What changed inside?

We initially picked 8-9 people to take part in coaching with Phil. We didn’t set any overarching objectives – we deliberately wanted the process to be quite loose.

Our aim was simply to empower people to do their best work, feel motivated and have a plan.

So Phil worked with them to stimulate them into thinking, “How can I get more out of my job? And what do I really want from it?”

What changed outside?

We quickly saw a big change in how the people being coached by Phil presented themselves; both in what they were looking for from the company, and how they went about their role.

They had more of a sense of agency. They were more solution focused – aware of what they wanted to change and how they could achieve it. They looked for different ways to resolve issues, and presented opportunities to us as a business.

In fact, were so impressed by the results that we extended the coaching to the senior team.

What does the client say?

The people Phil coached said it had made a huge difference in how they viewed themself and their work. (This is in an industry where people are generally quite cynical about formalised development.)

And as a company we were so impressed by the significant difference in how they approached their work that we extended the coaching to the senior team. The anecdotal feedback so far from the senior team has been exceptionally positive, too.

In my experience, it’s rare that someone is able to come into a company from the outside and have such an impact.

Phil is very straightforward and clearly very insightful in spotting the real meaning in what people say – then making that a focus for change. His approach is structured and consistent, with lots of homework. But the results more than repay the effort.

Coaching has also transformed the culture of our workplace. People have become much more open to each other, and able to work better collectively as a result.

I’m so grateful that we’ve had Phil’s time and experience at this point in our company’s growth. He was absolutely the right person at the right time for us.