Inside Out

When you focus on growth and development on the Inside – it inevitably leads to action and results on the Outside.

That’s why I developed the Inside Out Approach.

The Inside Out approach is about becoming the best leader you can be – and getting results. It links development on the inside directly with taking action in the world.

The approach enables you to observe and understand yourself and the world around you and use this to develop your mindset and capacity to achieve.

Then you create clear and bold steps and take action in service of your goals and mission.

The process enables reflection and learning – creating a virtuous loop of growth and impact.

You grow as a leader – and serve your mission simultaneously.

What changes inside?

Over the years, our clients have told us this model has helped them to:

Be decisive
to stop wallowing in confusion and take bold decisions that lead you towards achieving your mission

Develop resilience
to keep going when the going gets tough (as it always does)

Create a winning mindset
to overcome the inner obstacles we all put in the way to success

Build effective relationships
to learn to communicate with power and integrity

Find balance
to develop practices to be at your best and have the maximum energy and focus for success

Develop as a leader
to grow new capabilities and know more about yourself (and use that to inspire and influence others)

What changes outside?

This has inevitably led to:

Setting clear missions, visions and coherent goals
and finding the motivation to take clear and committed action to achieve them

Taking bold action, iterating, evaluating and adapting
successfully to the market, competitors and the world to stay ahead

Building the right support team
putting the right people in the right seats on the right bus to make your mission happen

Communicating with power and integrity
engaging and inspiring customers and your team to get on board with your mission

Creating and innovating
turning ideas and creativity into tangible products, services and results

“Phil is very straightforward and clearly very insightful in spotting the real meaning in what people say – then making that a focus for change.”

Hat Trick Productions

My inside out team

To facilitate the Inside Out process, I have assembled a crack team of expert practitioners across multiple disciplines – from coaching and facilitation, to neuroscience and psychology – and they all love working with clients to create real impact.

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